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1.What material is suitable for automotive parts needing both toughness and strength ?+

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Automotive parts typically require high strength and durability to withstand various road conditions and mechanical stresses. The selection and design of materials focus on providing sufficient strength and durability to ensure long-term reliability of the components. Ductile iron materials are well-suited for products that demand a combination of toughness and strength. Commonly used steel grades include S50C, S55C, S65C, SK85M, SUP6, SUP10, 1065 steel, and 1085 steel.

2.Which material is suitable for spring clips ?+


Spring washers are commonly used metal components for connecting and securing parts. They require durability and safety. Using carbon steel along with a heat treatment process can further optimize the product. The most commonly used specifications include S50C, SUP6, SUP10, and 1065 steel.


3.What are the characteristics and common grades of spring ?+


Springs are elastic components capable of undergoing deformation and returning to their original shape; whereas carbon steel possesses excellent strength and hardness, allowing it to withstand high levels of stress and load while being easy to process. Therefore, it is the optimal choice for both spring suppliers and carbon steel suppliers. The most commonly used steel types include S50C, S65C, SK85, 1065 steel, 1085 steel, and the SUP series.


4.Why use Bainitic Steel ?+


Traditional materials often exhibit higher hardness and strength but are relatively brittle. This means that when subjected to impact or stress, these materials are prone to fracture or failure. To address this issue, ductile iron materials employ specific processes and techniques to enhance their toughness and impact strength while maintaining a certain level of hardness and strength.


5.What is Bainitic Steel ?+


Bainitic steel is a special material that undergoes specific processing to enhance its toughness and impact strength. It exhibits good ductility and energy-absorption capabilities when subjected to high stress and impact loads, reducing the risk of fracture and damage, thereby improving product reliability and safety.




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