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Asked Questions

1.What is "Cutting Rule"?+

"Cutting Rule" is a special knife, most of which are used in paper, leather, plastic…. The cutting action, in order to create a specific shape and pattern, the characteristics of the three elements of the Thomson knife need to have flexibility, sharpness and durability to be called a good Cutting Rule, which has been the key.

2.What is a "Cutting-Die" for?+

Generally speaking, wooden die is the most frequently-used Cutting Die, which is made by wooden board, cutting rule, and ejection materials. Cutting Die is applied when substrates need to be cut & shaped

3.What is "Die Cutting"?+

"Die Cutting" is processed with Cutting-Die assembled on the cutting machine.

4.What kind of things can be specifically cut with a Cutting Rule?+

Featured with diffferent specs, Cutting Rule can cut various kinds of materials like papers, plastics, leathers and even elctronics.

5.What is the difference between "Shaved" & "Ground" rules?+



The main difference is based on the "bevel finish", which decides cutting performances. Shaved rule ensures the durability and longer lifetime; while Ground rule provide better clean cut result. 

6.What is the advantages of using "Super Ground Rule"?+




Superior properties are madatory for professional die-cutting of delicate materials like laminated substrates, films, metallized boards.



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