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1.What are the applications of alloy steel ?+


Alloy steel exhibits excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, making it widely used in various fields such as tool manufacturing, automotive production, aerospace, and more.


2.Which steel types of carbon tool steel are used for circular saws ?+


Circular saws possess powerful cutting capabilities and are often paired with different types of saw blades to meet the cutting requirements of various materials. Circular saws typically have the ability for high-speed cutting, allowing for efficient handling of large workloads and enhancing production efficiency. Commonly used steel types for circular saw blades include SK85, SK95, 1085 steel, SKS51, and SKS5. These steel types are among the most frequently utilized options for users of high-carbon steel and suppliers of carbon tool steel.

3.What are the commonly used materials for band saw coils with excellent cutting ability ?+


Band saws possess excellent cutting capability and can be used to cut various materials. The cutting process involves using a continuous blade in a belt-like tool, allowing for precise straight or curved cuts. Commonly used materials for band saw steel coils include carbon tool steel and alloy steel products, often optimized through heat treatment processes. Commonly used steel grades include SK85, SK95, 1085 steel, and the SKS series


4.What is the density ratio of alloy steel ?+


The density range of alloy steel is relatively wide, typically between 7.7 g/cm³ and 8.1 g/cm³, depending on the alloying elements and their content added to the alloy steel.

5.Pneumatic tools require durable materials and processes. What are the commonly used steel?+


Pneumatic tools are tools powered by compressed air and are typically made from durable materials capable of withstanding prolonged and high-load usage. Commonly used steel grades include SK85 and 1085 steel.


6.What are the characteristics and commonly used steel grades for hand saws ?+


A handsaw is a handheld tool used for manually cutting materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and more. High-quality handsaws are typically made from durable materials and exhibit good durability and wear resistance. They often utilize heat-treated steel strip products produced from carbon tool steel, enhanced through the process of heat treatment.


7.What are the characteristics and commonly used steel grades for box cutter ?+


A box cutteter is a commonly used tool employed for cutting, carving, and trimming various materials. High-quality utility knives are typically crafted from premium materials, exhibiting durability and corrosion resistance, allowing for extended usage without easy damage. The most frequently used steel grades for this purpose are SK85, SK95, and 1085.

8.What is alloy steel ?+


Alloy steel is a material used for manufacturing tools and cutting implements. It is created by incorporating alloying elements into ordinary steel to enhance its performance.




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