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1.Why choose carbon steel ?+

 Carbon steel is a high-strength material with excellent tensile and compressive strength. This allows hardware components manufactured from carbon steel to withstand significant loads, enhancing the durability of the products. 

2.Why use carbon steel for wiper parts ?+



Wiper parts require an appropriate level of elasticity and pressure to ensure that the blades adhere tightly to the windshield surface and apply pressure evenly. Carbon steel possesses excellent strength and hardness, allowing it to withstand high levels of stress and load, while also meeting processing requirements. It is the optimal choice for both carbon steel suppliers and cold-rolled steel suppliers.

3.Characteristics and steel grades for Hand tools' applications ?+


Hand tools are tools held and operated by people, requiring characteristics such as durability, functionality, comfort, precision, accuracy, safety, and maintainability. Commonly used steel grades include S50C, S65C, SK85, 1065, 1085, SCM series, and SKS series.




4.Is carbon steel suitable for clutch parts? What are the features of seat belt components ?+


A clutch is a device used to control power transmission and requires wear resistance and thermal stability. Therefore, using Nippon Steel's carbon steel or carbon tool steel products, along with advanced heat treatment equipment, can optimize your products. Commonly used steel grades are S50C, S65C, SK85, 1065, and 1085.




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