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Flexible dies are cutting dies with micron-scale cutting edges, formed through processes like etching and CNC machining. The method of utilization varies based on the specific type of flexible die.

1. Rotary Die Cutting 

A relatively thin flexible die is attached to a cylindrical magnet cylinder, and the material is cut as it passes through the rotating cylinder.

2. Flat Bed Die Cutting

Affix a flexible die with thickness (blade height) onto a flat base and place it into a die-cutting machine. Then, operate the set die vertically, cutting the material under simultaneous pressure.
There are various types of bases, including magnetic ones, aluminum, and steel.


【What an amazing die!Features of Flexible Die】
●Proficient in Complex Shapes!
Flexible dies excel at reproducing intricate and fine shapes, including challenging R sections that are difficult to produce with conventional Thomson molds.

●Resolving the Blade Joint Problem!
In the conventional Thomson die cutting, there was always a need to join the blade least one point. However, by employing etching and CNC machining, we can achieve a seamless line, addressing the blade joint issue.

●Extremely High Dimensional Accuracy!

Our advanced CNC processing maintains sharpness, achieving a blade height tolerance of ±0.0012" inches (0.03mm). Additionally, some cutting dies guarantee an even more precise blade height tolerance of ±0.0008" inches (0.02mm).

● Dramatic Cost Reduction! Suitable for Small Quantities!

Traditional solid dies and metal stamping dies typically involve high initial costs and are confined to large production quantities. However, with flexible dies, we only need to replace the flexible die on the magnetic cylinder or base. This not only initial expenses but also enables efficient handling of small batch production, making a significant contribution.

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"HUNG-SHUH standard specifications"

Thickness: 1/64" ~ 5/64" inch (0.45 ~ 2.03 mm)
Standard Sizes:15 3/4" x 23 5/8" inch  (400 × 600 mm)
Hardness:HRC 50 / 1760 MPa

※Sizes up to
 15 3/4" x 78 47/64" inch  (400 × 2,000 mm)
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- Sample Offer -

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  1/64" , 1/32" ,  3/64" , 1/16" , 5/64" (inch)
  0.45 / 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.5 / 2.03 (mm)      
  ▸Sizes:15 3/4" x 23 5/8" inch  (400 × 600 mm)
  ▸Hardness:HRC 50 / 1760 MPa

Processing Examples

【Electrical, Electronics and Optics Industry】
 - Double-sided Tape, Polarizer Film, FPC etc.

Application in electronic devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and computers for composite film components. These components have specific requirements, including complex shapes, seamless cutters, and integrated roll-to-roll production processes.
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    Flexible PCB

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    OCA Film

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    OLED / LCD


【Healthcare Industry】
 - Medical, Pharmaceutical, Nursing etc.

Plaster, such as "Adhesive Plasters" used in cases of trauma and injuries. Tapes, such as "Ostomy Barrier Rings" used when wearing a stoma. Test Papers, such as "Glucose Test Strips". Anchoring Devices, such as "peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) Dressing". Medical Patches, such as "Electrode Patches" for ECG.
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    Glucose Test Strips

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    PICC Dressing

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    Electrode Patches


【Machine, Home Appliance and Automotive】
 - Control Panel, Gaskets 

Switches panel such as "Dome Switches" "Membrane Switches" "Keyboard Switches" "Graphoic Overlay". Using flexible dies as an alternative to molds for the blanking process of "Copper Crimp Connectors". Gaskets and Packing seals of sizes  not manufacturable with the cutting die.
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    Membrane Switch

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    Copper Ring Terminals

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    Micro Gasket


【Sticker, Label and Office Supplies】

Office supplies, such as stickers, labels, stamps, and envelopes, represent the pinnacle of flexible die applications and are products we encounter most frequently in our daily lives.
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    Sticker, Label



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