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  • Originating from Japan
    A top-grade product. Nippon Steel is a globally leading steel manufacturer, offering high-quality steel products and services to customers worldwide.
  • 一條龍 (1)
    The one-stop concept
    From warehousing, design, order taking, manufacturing, processing, inspection, to packaging, we achieve continuous and efficient production from raw materials to finished products.
  • 電腦系統全新升級
    New upgrade for our computer system. 
    HUNG SHUH independently designed the ERP system to efficiently and systematically enhance various indicators and internal management as per customer requirements.。
  • 百分之百客製化1
    100% customization
    HUNG SHUH  possess top-notch equipment from multiple countries worldwide, ensuring that our production, manufacturing, and export processes meet the industry standards of different countries' customer groups.



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