Core Technology



  • 核心技術-料邊形狀-直角

    Square Edge

  • 核心技術-料邊形狀-圓邊

    Round Edge

  • 核心技術-料邊形狀-倒角

    Chamfered Edge

Edge trimming process is a method used in manufacturing or processing, and its main advantages are as follows:

  1. Aesthetics: The edge trimming process can remove irregular edges or burrs from materials or products, making them smoother, tidier, and more precise in appearance. This can enhance the overall aesthetics of the product, making it more attractive and meeting high-quality visual standards.
  2. Safety: Irregular edges or burrs can pose a danger to users, such as the risk of cuts or punctures. The edge trimming process can eliminate these potential hazards, improve user safety, and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.
  3. Functionality: The edge trimming process can improve the functionality of the product. For example, in electronic product manufacturing, edge trimming can ensure precise fitting between parts, enhancing product performance and reliability.
  4. Precision: The edge trimming process can provide highly precise finishing results. Whether performed manually or by machine, it allows for precise control and adjustment to ensure compliance with required dimensions and appearance standards.
  5. Automation: The edge trimming process can be integrated with automation technology to achieve high efficiency in production. Machine edge trimming can significantly increase manufacturing speed and capacity while reducing labor costs and the risk of human errors.

In conclusion, the edge trimming process offers advantages in improving product aesthetics, safety, functionality, and precision while enabling automated production to enhance efficiency and quality.



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