Cutting Rules

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【Our Recommendation】
▸Type SG

・Composed by Glass-base-board & Polarizer & Backlight module
・Polarizer is produced with 100% TCA (Tri-cellulose Acetate)

Type SG - Super Ground Rule

・Designed for delicated and difficult materials.
・Extremely sharp and extra-hard cutting edge, applying for all materials.
・Significantly reducing friction and cutting force.

PE, PET, PVC, PP, other Plastics, Various blisters, Coated paper, Composite materials, Films, Synthetic rubbers, Leathers, Thin wooden boards, Electronic soft boards, Carbon fiber cloth

Super Ground Rule

Bevel type CB (Center bevel) , LCB (Long center bevel)
Thickness 0.53mm (1.5pt)、0.71mm (2pt)、1.06mm (3pt)
Height 23.60mm (.929"),  23.80mm (.937")
Angle ∠42°、52°
Body hardness HV320,340,380,400,450 / HRC32,34,38,40,45
Edge hardness HV600,640,670,700 / HRC55,58,59,60



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